Cortec Presents New Brochure – VpCI® Technology for Marine and Shipbuilding Industries!

marine-1Cortec has published a brand new brochure delivering information on  the latest technology products and services that Cortec® has to offer in the field of Marine and Shipbuilding Industries! Corrosion it is wildly known causes destruction of structures and equipment as well as the loss of valuable resources, contamination of products, reduced efficiency and high maintenance costs.

Damages from corrosion in shipbuilding or the ones that occur in the exploitation of various vessels are especially harsh. Corrosion protection of such structures and constructions make a big part of the cost of manufacturing process. Properly conducted corrosion protection in the construction of the ship is of crucial importance for its functioning and use, since the ship is a very demanding and complex structure, exposed to extremely aggressive environments.

For these reasons optimal corrosion protection is one of the key factors in the quality and price of the ship.  In shipbuilding, offshore and marine industries structures are present that contain parts that are difficult to access or can even be completely inaccessible for quality and long-lasting protection. Parts of the ship structure are derived from a number of brackets, frames, stiffeners and reinforcements which makes them difficult for proper preparation and coatings protection.


In all of these cases the most efficient and economical technical solution is the use of globally renown patented VpCI® corrosion inhibitors. This special group of inhibitors manufactured by Cortec protect the metals from atmospheric corrosion and is able to stop corrosion at a molecular level. The organic substances vaporize and travel to all parts of the metal surfaces reaching even inaccessible areas.

VpCIs have a very high range of application and their utilization is the result of technological as well as economic progress, when it comes to corrosion protection in shipbuilding.  They are successfully and increasingly used in shipbuilding and marine industries due to their specific action such as filling the space and creating a protective film on the metal surface, which prevents contact with the environment and the media as well as their ability to protect hard to reach areas

VpCI inhibitors are highly recommended for protection of inaccessible areas of marine structures such as: keel, rudder, rubbing strip etc. They are also applicable and highly efficient in the protection of pipelines, marine and naval equipment as well as electrical contacts.

 After contact with the metal surface, vapor condenses into air and forms a thin monomolecular film that protects the metal. Protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further condensation of the vapor. VpCI® reaches every area the metal part, protecting its exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces. It provides complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic and overseas shipments.



  • Multifunctional products
  • More effective protection
  • Environmental Safety
  • Easy application
  • Improved health, safety, and pollution control
  • Elimination of extra processing steps: in most cases there is no need to remove the VpCI®/MCI® product.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Little or no surface preparation
  • Prevents further corrosion of ferrous surfaces
  • VpCI®-layer does not have to be removed prior to processing or use;
  • Does not interfere with operation of mechanica  components;
  • Good temperature resistance
  • High resistance of adsorbed protective layer against corrosion.

Environmental (ISO 14001 Certified) Cortec’s strong environmental concern is demonstrated in the design and manufacturing of products that protect materials of all kinds from environmental degradation. A strong commitment to produce recyclable products made from sustainable resources has been and will be our future policy.